Hey 👋
My name is Dan Moukatel BUT everybody calls me Dani Mou 🤘

I'm a Pattern designer, UX/UI Graphic designer & Trendsetter based in TLV.

I graduated in 2013 from the department of visual communication at the Shenkar College of Design.

My works mashing together Middle Eastern culture and tradition, mixed with pop culture, nature, and kitsch. I produce collages, installations, and patterns that send-up and celebrate Middle Eastern culture.

The one trend I hope will go away forever is minimalism 🙅‍♂️
for me, MORE IS MORE!

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Identity - What's up with that?

A talk by Dan Moukatel.

The talk discusses cultural gaps and the way they reflect in academic and cultural institutions. How the use of 'so to speak' culturally inferior visual language can become a source for empowerment and self-differentiation, creating an independent and personal visual language.

עולם‭ ‬העיצוב‭ ‬עובר‭ ‬טרנספורמציה‭ ‬מתמדת‭, ‬אנחנו‭ ‬לא‭ ‬עוזבים‭ ‬את‭ ‬האייפון‭, ‬נושמים‭ ‬רשתות‭ ‬חברתיות‭, ‬אופנה‭, ‬מוסיקה‭ ‬וחושבים‭ ‬דימויים‭ ‬חזותיים‭.‬

הטרנד‭ ‬החם‭ ‬ביותר‭ ‬הוא‭ ‬החזרה‭ ‬הביתה‭ – ‬למקורות‭ ‬ולזהות‭ ‬שלך‭. ‬אפשר‭ ‬לראות‭ ‬את‭ ‬זה‭ ‬במחאות‭ ‬פולטיות‭ ‬וחברתיות‭ ‬כמו‭ ‬black life matters‭, ‬השגשוג‭ ‬של‭ ‬הזרם‭ ‬המזרחי‭ ‬בארץ‭, ‬ובבתי‭ ‬אופנה‭ ‬אשר‭ ‬מחפשים‭ ‬טאלנטים‭ ‬עם‭ ‬סיפורים‭ ‬ורקע‭ ‬מעניינים‭.‬

ביונסה‭ ‬חזרה‭ ‬להיות‭ ‬שחורה‭ ‬וחזרה‭ ‬לניו‭ ‬אורלינס‭, ‬ביורק‭ ‬עובדת‭ ‬עם‭ ‬ארט‭ ‬דיירקטור‭ ‬איסלנדי‭ ‬מהעיר‭ ‬שלה‭, ‬m.i.a‭ – ‬פליטה‭ ‬מסרילנקה‭, ‬שלוחמת‭ ‬את‭ ‬מלחמת‭ ‬הפליטים‭ ‬והמוסלמים‭ ‬באירופה‭ ‬ובעולם‭, ‬דונטלה‭ ‬ורסצה‭ ‬העלתה‭ ‬את‭ ‬הווליום‭ ‬בכל‭ ‬הקשור‭ ‬לנובריושיות‭ ‬האיטלקית‭, ‬הקשר‭ ‬המעניין‭ ‬בין‭ ‬עופרה‭ ‬חזה‭, ‬עופר‭ ‬ניסים‭ ‬ודיוות‭ ‬העל‭ ‬מדונה‭, ‬ויש‭ ‬עוד‭ ‬המון‭ ‬דוגמאות‭ ‬בהם‭ ‬נדון‭ ‬ביחד‭.‬

When it comes to trends, One trend is by now very noticeable -it is going back home. To your roots and to your identity. It can be seen in political and social protest  worldwide (such as “Black lives matter”), in the rise of the oriental Mizrahi movement in our local Israeli scene and in Fashion brands’ constant attempt to find talents with more than just a talent or a pretty face, rather with an interesting background and a story to tell.

The examples are everywhere:
Beyoncé went black again and moved to New Orleans.
Bjork is working with an Icelandic art director from her hometown.
M.I.A – a Sri Lankan refugee fights the war of refugees and Muslims around the world.

All these exciting examples and others will be part of my talk.