Hey 👋
My name is Dan Moukatel BUT everybody calls me Dani Mou 🤘

I'm a Pattern designer, UX/UI Graphic designer & Trendsetter based in TLV.

I graduated in 2013 from the department of visual communication at the Shenkar College of Design.

My works mashing together Middle Eastern culture and tradition, mixed with pop culture, nature, and kitsch. I produce collages, installations, and patterns that send-up and celebrate Middle Eastern culture.

The one trend I hope will go away forever is minimalism 🙅‍♂️
for me, MORE IS MORE!

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A project displayed at the‭ ‬“Manipulation”‭ ‬exhibition‭, ‬Jerusalem Design Week

The fashion world is driven by trends which define time and again what is right and what is not‭. ‬

On top of the fashion pyramid stands Vogue magazine‭, ‬that acts as a mediator between the fashion corporations and the end consumers‭. ‬This magazine‭ ‬“foresees”‭ ‬future trends while ignoring cultures‭, ‬society sectors and characters which it holds in contempt‭. ‬

This begs the question why Umm Kulthum‭, ‬probably the most renowned singer in the Arab world‭ - ‬and an undeniable fashion icon as‭ ‬well‭ - ‬can’t feature in Vogue magazine like other famous singers‭? ‬Broadly speaking‭, ‬what is worthy and what is unworthy‭? ‬

The headlines used in this project are actually taken from real Vogue covers‭, ‬and the juxtaposition of them with the new image raises questions about the boundary between the honorable and the shameful‭.‬

Cafe Gibraltar / +972 Magazine

Fashion Force_01

Fashion Force_04

Fashion Force_05

Fashion Force_02

Fashion Force_03

פרוייקט הנעשה במסגר התערוכה “מניפולציה” – בשבוע העיצוב של ירושלים.

עולם‭ ‬האופנה‭ ‬מוכתב‭ ‬ע‭”‬י‭ ‬טרנדים‭ ‬אשר‭ ‬קובעים‭ ‬מה‭ ‬נכון‭ ‬ומה‭ ‬לא‭ ‬לאותה‭ ‬תקופה‭.‬
בראש‭ ‬הפרמידה‭ ‬נמצא‭ ‬מגזין‭ “‬ווג‭” ‬כאשר‭ ‬הוא‭ ‬משמש‭ ‬כמטווח‭ ‬בין‭ ‬תאגידי‭ ‬האופנה‭ ‬לקהל‭ ‬הצורכי‭ ‬האופנה‭.‬
אותו‭ ‬מגזין‭ ‬מכתיב‭ ‬את‭ ‬תחזיות‭ ‬האופנה‭ ‬כאשר‭ ‬הוא‭ ‬לרוב‭ ‬מתעלם‭ ‬מתרבויות‭, ‬מגזרים‭ ‬ודמויות‭ ‬שנחשבות‭ ‬לטעמו‭ ‬לבזויים‭.‬

נשאלת‭ ‬השאלה‭ ‬למה‭ ‬אום‭ ‬כולתום‭,  ‬אחת‭ ‬הזמרות‭ ‬הידועות‭, ‬האהובות‭ ‬ואייקון‭ ‬אופנה‭ ‬בעולם‭ ‬הערבי‭ ,‬
לא‭ ‬יכלה‭ ‬להופיע‭ ‬בו‭ ‬כמו‭ ‬זמרות‭ ‬אחרות‭?‬
‭ ‬ולמעשה‭ ‬מה‭ ‬נחשב‭ ‬לראוי‭ ‬ומה‭ ‬נחשב‭ ‬לבזוי‭?‬

חשוב‭ ‬לציין‭ ‬כי‭ ‬כול‭ ‬הכותרות‭ ‬נלקחו‭  ‬משערים‭ ‬אמתיים‭ ‬של‭ “‬ווג‭” ‬וע‭”‬י‭ ‬הנחתם‭ ‬עם‭ ‬הדימוי‭ ‬החדש‭ ‬הם‭ ‬מעלות‭ ‬שאלות‭ â€¬×•×ª×”יות‭ ‬לגבי‭ ‬סוגייה‭ ‬הבזוי‭/‬ראוי‭.‬