Hi! My Name Is Dan Moukatel

I'm a Graphic designer, UI/UX designer and pattern lover, living and working in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I graduated in 2013 from the department of visual communication at the Shenkar College of Design.

My main focus is creating great digital products and services.
I also do branding, pattern design, prints and visual design.

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This project tests the boundaries between designing and chemical data‭. ‬During my research on salt‭, ‬I discovered that the salt that we all are familiar with and use for cooking purposes‭, ‬actually plays a much bigger and important role in our lives‭. ‬It turns‭ ‬out that salt is found in almost any chemical element around us in different amounts and dosages‭. ‬

During the production procedure of table salt in Dead Sea Works‭, ‬four other chemical elements are being refined‭: ‬potassium‭, ‬aluminum‭, ‬bromine and magnesium‭, ‬from which we produce all sorts of materials that are of use to us in daily living‭. ‬

In my project‭, ‬I decided to focus on the four chemical elements and to visualize the changing of the salt in each one of them‭.‬

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I looked for a logical system that would visualize the quantity changes of the salt in each four of the chemical elements‭. ‬In order to achieve this‭, ‬I turned to the generative software that uses a certain assumption network‭ (‬computers‭, ‬machines‭, ‬environment‭, ‬nature‭, ‬physical laws etc‭.) ‬that it’s results are processed and displayed visually‭. ‬

The data that I put into the generative software system‭, ‬are based on a chemical property chart of the same chemical elements‭.‬



The final product is five different packages‭. ‬The first is the base of the other four packages‭. ‬All of the other four packages in the product line represent a different chemical element‭: ‬Potassium‭, ‬aluminum‭, ‬bromine and magnesium‭. ‬The shape of each package‭ ‬is determined by the same chemical properties that I inserted into the generative software‭. ‬In this way‭, ‬the package shape‭, ‬the‭ ‬graphical layout and the I cone on the package‭, ‬were determined by the software and graphical process by myself‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬on each package‭, ‬there is an abstract drawing of the chemical element which it represents‭. ‬