Hey 👋
My name is Dan Moukatel BUT everybody calls me Dani Mou 🤘

I'm a Pattern designer, UX/UI Graphic designer & Trendsetter based in TLV.

I graduated in 2013 from the department of visual communication at the Shenkar College of Design.

My works mashing together Middle Eastern culture and tradition, mixed with pop culture, nature, and kitsch. I produce collages, installations, and patterns that send-up and celebrate Middle Eastern culture.

The one trend I hope will go away forever is minimalism 🙅‍♂️
for me, MORE IS MORE!

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The Impossible Story of Israeli Design

Milan Design Week - 2019

ASIA DESIGN MILANO & Dan Moukatel (Co-Curator & Creative Director) present, in Milan Design Week, the driving force behind Israel’s design and technology by linking it to its rich heritage entrenched in tradition and multicultural influences.


The Israeli exhibition presents a glimpse to a new generation of Israeli artists and designers, with fresh and innovative designs that explore contemporary society through traditional artistry, cultural diversity, hybrid design and technological developments pervading society. 

The historic plight of the Jews and the issues facing the complex, modern day Israel has given rise to a vibrant and eclectic culture, rich in art and design. The conflicts and challenges that makeup Israeli society offer a source of creativity to which the Israeli artist embraces, confronts and questions, raising issues pertaining to ingrained conventions, preconceived notions, values, origins and prejudices. Under the circumstances, the Israeli drive to overcome obstacles and break new ground has given rise to an extraordinary creative hub, in which the impossible becomes possible.

Video Editing: Meytal Hadad
Photos by: Silvia Vaulà & Marina Bar Golani