Hi! My Name Is Dan Moukatel

I'm a Graphic designer, UI/UX designer and pattern lover, living and working in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I graduated in 2013 from the department of visual communication at the Shenkar College of Design.

My main focus is creating great digital products and services.
I also do branding, pattern design, prints and visual design.

Feel free to contact me

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Brief‭:‬ The State of Israel is under military attack‭, ‬initiated by The Islamic Republic of Iran‭. ‬The attack escalated into an all out war with Israel's surrounding neighbors‭. ‬Tel Aviv has been completely evacuated and Israel's province is at full capacity‭. ‬The Israeli government does not know how and when this ongoing warfare will end‭, ‬but it seems that currently there is no end in sight‭. ‬

Students we're required to come up with an image for one of these three options‭: ‬a war singer‭; ‬a protest organization‭ (‬pro-war or anti-war‭); ‬an aid organization‭ (‬which distributes anything from food to chemical warfare protection kits‭). ‬

OGAEN‭ (‬Anchor‭) ‬serves as an organization‭, ‬which treats wartime trauma and shock casualties‭. ‬OGAEN treats its patients using natural‭, ‬holistic methods and a line of natural products specially developed for these purposes‭. ‬OGAEN operates help hotlines‭, ‬employs a team of caregivers‭, ‬which treat the patient within his or hers own home‭, ‬conduct healing seminars and distributes natural medicines‭, ‬tea infusions and herbs specially developed to aid in stress relief‭. ‬

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