Hey ūüĎč
My name is Dan Moukatel BUT everybody calls me Dani Mou ūü§ė

I'm a Pattern designer, UX/UI Graphic designer & Trendsetter based in TLV.

I graduated in 2013 from the department of visual communication at the Shenkar College of Design.

My works mashing together Middle Eastern culture and tradition, mixed with pop culture, nature, and kitsch. I produce collages, installations, and patterns that send-up and celebrate Middle Eastern culture.

The one trend I hope will go away forever is minimalism ūüôÖ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ
for me, MORE IS MORE!

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Brief‚Ä≠:‚Ĩ The State of Israel is under military attack‚Ä≠, ‚Ĩinitiated by The Islamic Republic of Iran‚Ä≠. ‚ĨThe attack escalated into an all out war with Israel's surrounding neighbors‚Ä≠. ‚ĨTel Aviv has been completely evacuated and Israel's province is at full capacity‚Ä≠. ‚ĨThe Israeli government does not know how and when this ongoing warfare will end‚Ä≠, ‚Ĩbut it seems that currently there is no end in sight‚Ä≠. ‚Ĩ

Students we're required to come up with an image for one of these three options‭: ‬a war singer‭; ‬a protest organization‭ (‬pro-war or anti-war‭); ‬an aid organization‭ (‬which distributes anything from food to chemical warfare protection kits‭). ‬

OGAEN‭ (‬Anchor‭) ‬serves as an organization‭, ‬which treats wartime trauma and shock casualties‭. ‬OGAEN treats its patients using natural‭, ‬holistic methods and a line of natural products specially developed for these purposes‭. ‬OGAEN operates help hotlines‭, ‬employs a team of caregivers‭, ‬which treat the patient within his or hers own home‭, ‬conduct healing seminars and distributes natural medicines‭, ‬tea infusions and herbs specially developed to aid in stress relief‭. ‬

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